Leveraging on the curry expertise of OLD CHANG KEE, BUN TIMES extends the company's Hainanese heritage by introducing the authentic Curry Buns, Buns with assorted fillings and other traditional snacks. The range of buns and bakes are crafted based on original Hainanese customs and recipes enhanced through the use of modern technology. What makes the buns from BUN TIMES desirable are the succulent, soft, golden-roasted buns filled with generous and quality goodness. BUN TIMES (包含) embodies the culinary heritage of the Hainanese and the values of respect, kindness and generosity. It is what you can expect of the product offerings and service at BUN TIMES.
The chinese name, “包含” (Bao Han) means to embody, cherish and include with particular emphasis on content. It reinforces the quality ingredients that the bun contains and the intrinsic values that the brand upholds. 起名为“包含”, 因为它带有珍惜和涵盖的含义,更注重内涵。这些都是“包含”所代表的真正核心, 强调的是面包本身原料的质量,以及品牌所含的内在价值。
 凭借老曾记在咖喱制作的专长, “包含” 延续了公司的海南传统, 推出了咖喱面包和其它传统的海南小吃。 这些面包和烘焙点心都是以传统海南食谱和风俗, 结合现代科学技术精心制作而成的。 它更催动人心之处在于烤至金黄色的柔软面包加上其它高品质且量多的馅料。 除了体现出浓浓的海南饮食文化之外, 从“包含” 所提供的产品与服务中更令人感受到尊重, 仁爱以及慷慨等优良的价值观。
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